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is a company that supplies KCK Insect Repellent. Our main office is located in Penang, Malaysia. KCK Insect Repellent is a liquid spray that contains Citronella essence and plant extracts. It only needs to be applied on traces of insects/bugs to achieve long lasting in drawing away/eliminating cockroaches, termites, geckos, dog lice, bed bugs and many others .

KCK Insect Repellent is totally safe for animals and plants. It can be sprayed directly onto your plants to drive away pets and bugs, on dogs bodies/wounds to drive away dog lice and flies.

KCK Global Resources


KCK灭虫剂是一种含有香茅精和其他植物精华液喷雾,只需喷在害虫出没的地方与足迹,并持久的驱走/消灭各种害虫如:蚂蚁,蟑螂,白蚁,狗虱,床虱等等。 KCK灭虫剂对植物和动物的生命绝对安全,可以喷在植物上来驱走/消灭害虫,也可以喷在狗的身子伤口来驱走/消灭猫狗虱/苍蝇。

  KCK INSECTS REPELLENT is a herbal based product with refreshing aroma environmental friendly for the effective eradication and prevention of house flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees, ants and other insects from infesting into your lovely home.
KCK 驱虫剂 是一种植物性清香配方的产品,有效地驱走和预防苍蝇,蚊子,蟑螂,蜜蜂和蚂蚁等等其他昆虫危害你美好家园。

KCK INSECTS REPELLENT also acts as deodorant, disinfectant and cleaning 'agent' which is widely used in Hawkers centre, Food Courts, Restaurants, Kitchens, Hotels, Clinic, Factories and Canteen etc.
KCK 驱虫剂也是除臭剂,消毒剂和清洁经济人,被广泛使用在小贩中心,食品厂,餐厅,厨房,酒店,工厂,诊所和食堂等等地方。

1. Spray directly to affected areas like table and counter top, general floors and garden lawns.
2. For heavy soiled areas. Wash, scrub and rinse with water followed by step no1.

1. 直接喷雾在受影响地区如桌和台面,地板和一般花园草坪。 
2. 洗刷和冲洗顽固污迹的地方,随后跟随逐步 1。

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